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Terragen - Mystery valley by duris Terragen - Mystery valley by duris
Terragen - Mystery valley
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mohd90 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
this is not so easy to make ..
really great job
GinnyRoxas Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Terragen? I can't believe it!
madrush08 Featured By Owner May 30, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
can you explain how you did this...just how you started, i just downloaded terragen, and i am very confused and need some tips...thanks...
davidlire Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2007  Student Digital Artist
wow! fantastic!!!
how you have managed to do these mountains?
buntstiftsuechtig Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2003
very clean and clear, great work! =D (Big Grin)
wuju Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oooh.... how eerie. i think id be weirded out to be in a place like this. but its very very lovely. adn i agree about the water... *shiver* this si a stunning piece tho
hallen3d Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Hi again.... OMG this is breath taking you did an absolutly wonderful job. the water is so clear and reflective Definite Fav...

I would write more but its 1 in the morn and I am tired :) (Smile) Juggle

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Happy Valentine's Day Heart ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
podoped Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2003
I love it its kinda darkish like and I love that great job man
breid Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2003  Professional Artist
Very nice - most of my comments have been previously stated.

I'd sure love to have this terrain - it's quite inspiring.
lordsethos Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You certainl.y have come a long way from your first WP
ssj-omnislash Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2003
wow, very nice +favs
lumous Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
very odd atmosphere...before storm?

anyway, very good looking piece.
lonnietaylor Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Mmmm... sweet silent quiet water. The towering beauty of the rock is filling the piece with a golden touch. Very enjoyable.
anne-joline16 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
great work! as always. i like it!
linkin1988 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
its beautiful dude!
(my dad just said so too ^^)
the waters so beautiful all still and i love the terrain colours - the bandings weird to the right
the refelction on the waters perfect - i luv it - also i love the rays - thats a great touch
overall = beautiful work +fav!
esheafer Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
It's all been said - I'll just add - great job - I think it looks super.
merlin-tbd Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
well i guess everythings said hehe a nice peice though all the same hope to see a v2 of it :) (Smile)
novispoon Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Apart from everything else that has been said, both good and bad, I'm having a problem with the level of darkness in the image. There's no indication that the clouds are anywhere near thick enough to block that much light. I mean, it's dark enough to be night in some spots.

I like the shape of the terrains, particular the lone mesa in the lake, but sanosoke is right that it looks like it should have long ago eroded away. I think the "weird thing" about the water is that it almost looks like crude oil.
ladonia Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
very nice =) (Smile) cant really add anything that isnt said thou
furryphotos Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003  Professional Photographer
The water and land contrast nicely. The mirror like water helps also. The light rays coming down look odd as they seem cut off. Still that is a nice render.
sanosoke Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
looks good for the whole, there are a few things I take issue with.
First is this strata texture you've got, but everyone else has said something, so I'll just suggest putting in a whole lot more lines and colors, usually they are packed pretty tightly. . .and then follow everyone else's advice.
The water looks weird (refer to Stotty's comment)
There needs a very small, darker shoreline right at the bottom for the most recent tide shift that wouldn't have dried off at all yet.
Lastly, the color of the rock implies a soft rock, clay thing, like sandstone or something. As is, I can't imagine that it would be as solid as your terrain suggests. I would eiither change the color of the rock to show that it can stand with that water around, or change the terrain to be more realistic with this unstable rock
Ok, that's all, nice piece, maybe a little more depth to it could help too
billybollocks Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Its all been said so I will just say Great Work:D (Big Grin)
stotty Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Wow, this is strangely surreal, the calmness looks odd here, but its not easy to put my finger on it - I think it could be the waves being so tiny - maybe either no ripples, or bigger, gentle waves. The layout is wonderful and the rock texture has the right level of bumpyness.

The only other thing apart from the water I could offer as advice would be the strata on the rock and texturing, did you use a noise pic to roughen it up any first, if not that may help the rigid lines and stop the need for blurring. Also, you could try blurring the strata bmp too. In addition, it would help if you added a child texture from this of the same rock colour with medium-low coverage to break up the lines too. The area below the verticals, that seems to be lacking some other textures, maybe slightly darker and don't forget the wet area at the base too.

All round mighty fine image though - stotty applauds loudly. Good work.
wolfcat Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Very nice - love the lighting and cloud shadows ... very moody.

The rock strata looks a little like someone has stuck tape around the rocks, t hough. Perhaps more lines of slightly differing colours blended together in the texture?

All in all, an excellent piece. :-) (Smile)
fusionx Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
nice work here lovely colors water land,, only hing that seems a bit strange is the banding on the wrocks, i think it needs to have alot more to give a real feel of erosion, otherwise very nice work :) (Smile)
moonlady Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003
Wow, you're getting good at this. Aww
The water is spot on and the textures look awesome. Nice work on the lines. Aww
x-horizon Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2003  Hobbyist Photographer
ow very nice shot!!
perfect reflection on the water and also the brightness and Contrast is set perfectly.
The background rocks look a bit "plastic" though.. the light is looking strange somehow... :) (Smile)

but nice job
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January 24, 2003
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